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Gordon & Carri Taylor




The Taylors have experience speaking at conferences, churches, businesses, and to large and small groups, as well as conducting trainings for both the public and private sectors.


Some of the topics include:

Trouble Shooting Your Marriage

Would you start a trip to Philadelphia without a map or GPS, without having your car checked out, or finding out what kind of clothes you would need for weather in the east? Would you plan to retire at 65 without consulting a financial planner periodically to make sure you were saving and investing in a way that would make that possible?

Having a solid, fulfilling marriage doesn’t just happen, either, but many couples don’t know how to make sure they are handling their relationship in a way that will protect and enrich their marriage for the sake of all the “stakeholders” in that marriage.

The children you have, or will have, are truly “stakeholders” in your marriage. How you live your married life affects not only their childhood and adolescence, it impacts their perception of the responsibilities of adulthood, their value of commitment in general, and the respect they have for you as parents.

Most children view divorce as an act of selfishness on the part of their parents. The divorce rate for second marriages is even greater than the divorce rate for first marriages. Divorced parents have virtually no say in what goes on while the children are with the other parent.

The seminar, “Troubleshooting Your Marriage,” is powerful information that could be the most important investment in the lives and marriages of your Sunday school class members, congregants, or young adults’ and singles’ groups.

To schedule this one-hour presentation or any of the other topics above for your group, contact Christian Counseling Associates at 405-285-9880. They are available to come as a team, or individually.

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