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Deborah White, LPC Christian Counseling Associates Edmond
Deborah White, Ph.D., LPC
Licensed Professional Counselor

Deborah White is an educational psychologist by training and a licensed professional counselor in Oklahoma. She holds a doctorate in educational psychology from the University of Oklahoma and a master’s degree in counseling from Santa Clara University.

In addition to practicing at Christian Counseling Associates, Dr. White is also employed by the Oklahoma Department of Mental Health. She has served as the director of a variety of student assistance programs sponsored by the United States Department of Education and has counseled students on college and university campuses for most of her career.

Deborah’s philosophy of counseling is that counseling is a process of growth and development which is holistic or considers the whole person –physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. As a client pursues counseling, she believes it is important for the counselor to provide a safe environment for the client to explore his/her own thoughts and feelings about life issues.

By doing so, the counselor is building a healthy therapeutic relationship by entering into the client’s individual experience as an objective observer with an authentic listening heart and unconditional regard and acceptance. The counselor’s role is to facilitate the counseling process by providing information and feedback which can guide the client to their own conclusions and solutions of new healthy patterns of behavior.

Dr. White works with adolescents and young adults on self-worth and identity issues as well as any school related issues. She also sees clients dealing with trauma, grief, family conflicts, anxiety or depression.

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