Chelsie Powers


Chelsie Powers is a Licensed Professional Counselor- Candidate. She holds a Master of Science in Psychology with an emphasis in Counseling from Mid-America Christian University and a Bachelor of Psychology from West Texas A&M University. Renewing hope and encouraging new passion for the simple joys in life is at the core of each session. Working towards empowering diverse individuals and families to accomplish mental health, education, wellness and career goals in a safe and confidential setting; and working with various strategies to overcome personal challenges and obstacles with the goal of being whole and content again is at the heart of each session.

Special areas of interest include:

  • Working with individuals and families
  • Relationship skills
  • Positive parenting
  • Working with clients 60 and above
  • Communication skills
  • angermanagement
  • Depression
  • Anxiety

Office Location and Contact

1401 East I-44 Service Road
Oklahoma City, OK 73111
Cell: 405-889-9188
Fax: 405-285-9877

Insurance and Fees

As a candidate for licensure, I am not able to file with insurance companies at this time. I currently charge $75 per session. If you have any questions, please contact me.

Patient Forms

If you opt to do so, you can print and fill out the intake forms before your scheduled session. I look forward to meeting you and to walking with you on your journey.